I’ve moved to Whitehorse: But the blog continues…

Grid farewellHello to everyone reading. After five years in Inuvik, I have relocated to Whitehorse, Yukon.

Updating this blog has been wonderful fun over the years. I plan to keep it online as long as possible,

One project for the long-term: I am tagging all posts with categories. It will mean going through 1,300+ posts so it’s not complete yet but watch the categories to your right. It should make it easier to navigate the site and look for photos of specific things rather than browse chronologically.

I should point out I’ve decided to start an identical blog showcasing Yukon and its many communities.

I hope you’ll keep reading into the future. The address is www.yukonphotos.wordpress.com 

Thanks for the great comments and your letters from around the world,

-Philippe Morin

Campfire at minus 20c

winterfire_DSC0294 winterfire_DSC0299 winterfire_DSC0308

Sometimes you need to get out of the house. A campfire in winter is a good idea. The dry conditions make wood burn easily.

Inuvik has campfire pits by the river, where it is legal to hold a small fire like this.

Christmas concert at the Igloo Church

_DSC0261_1024x768 _DSC0266_1024x768 _DSC0273_1024x768 _DSC0276_1024x768 _DSC0278_1024x768 _DSC0281_1024x768Every year Inuvik’s largest church hosts a Christmas concert. This year’s event featured four lanuages: English, Gwich’in, Inuvialuktun and also the Filipino Choir.

Many proud parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, classmates, neighbours, co-workers, here. This type of event really makes a person feel like a welcome member of a community.

Watchful raven


I really wonder about the daily life of ravens. How do they survive in the -30 temperatures? How do their stomachs process frozen food, and their feet withstand perching on ice?

Amazing birds.

Full moon over the “moon base”



moon116A very bright full moon was visible this week. Here it is shown illuminating the New North Networks dome building which is a store, adapted from an old “dewline” radar system. The place looks like something in science-fiction.

Winter has truly arrived: 60km winds

Inuvik saw wind gusting to 60kilometres an hour on Monday. It was enough to send snow drifts on the streets and rattle street signs.

Australian Santa visits Inuvik

It’s below freezing outside but people have fun. Here’s lifeguard Santa at the community pool. Surf’s up.