Monthly Archives: May 2008

He’s watching you


Seen alongside the Dempster Highway: An speckled owl, perched atop a spindly northern tree. 

It was keeping watch over the landscape for mice and other food.

Late night thrills

Mackenzie river, after midnight: Three people are going through the water on their snowmobiles, splashing around.

The ice roads are now closed, which means it’s up to each person to decide if they’re going to risk the ice.

Old smokey has good advice

This is an example of great typography and design: Smokey is friendly, but his message has importance!

Does anyone else think this sign is decades old?

Ecological bags at North Mart

North Mart now has reusable bags, which are 99 cents each. 

This is much better than plastic bags, and you can draw a face in the middle if you like.

Antlers out of reach

Caribou and moose antlers are everywhere in Inuvik: In front yards, in flower beds and especially on roofs.

(Bet this guy wants to chew them.)


Pipes at sunset

Here’s a good view of the Utilidors, which hold the plumbing and other infrastructure.

A family of snowmobiles

Mom, Dad, and baby, get it?


Loud birds



New materialism, meet old traditions

I think there is profound symbolism here, as the “dollar sign” young person (meaning: rap videos, consumer culture, big city ideals, etc) meets a traditional fiddler at the Youth Centre.

For an audio report about this performance, (runs: 5 minutes) please visit

Healthy foods at the Youth Centre


The Inuvik Youth Centre teaches children about healthy food choices. 

And when a plate of veggies is brought out, it’s like a tornado of little hands. So nice to see!

Faces of the North, part 3



Here are some sculptures from the Mackenzie hotel lobby.

They are displayed in a glass case.

Faded paintings, old memories…

Mackenzie street has some murals, which show nature and the history of the town.

It’s a nice idea, but they are due for some renovations.

Water bikes

A scene from Inuvik’s main street. This is a messy town!


A very small office.

Here’s Inuvik’s water collection device, with little monitoring shack.

This takes water from the river, for the town’s water supply.

No carwash in Inuvik

There is still snow on the ground, but also mud. It means some dirty trucks and boots.

Update on the NWT Blog awards

Due to “voting irregularities,” it appears the NWT blog awards are a three-way tie.

Thanks to everyone who voted! While I didn’t win the t-shirt, here is an alternate design I think everyone can agree on.

By the way, it’s BBQ season.

After the snow, mud season…

Inuvik is full of water this time of year. There is even a cardboard “bridge” near the coffee shop.