Monthly Archives: May 2008

Blues traveller? Meet blues professor

Local musician Bob Mumford held a blues workshop at the high school in the evening on May 27, teaching people the basics of the style.

On the blackboard he wrote “12-bar blues: (in Inuvik we only have the 2 bar blues).”

Get it? The town has two bars…the Mad Trapper and the Mackenzie!

(See for coverage of this event including sound and more photos)

Update: Of course, we also have the Nanook Lounge, but there are usually about three people there on a Saturday night. 

House with a view

This bird was peeking out of its house near the Public Works building on Veterans’ Way.

Nice to see such a lovely birdhouse being used!

Secret sidewalks

Young people seem to have a parrallel network of sidewalks in Inuvik. They walk on the utilidors, pipes, and other raised structures.

Fleet-footed fellow

This hare was spotted in the early morning.

With their new spring colours, they blend well into the landscape.

Sandstorm ahead! Close the windows..

Here’s the Husky Sweeprite, agitating the dust on Veterans’ Way. 

The roads are now smooth and dry for bicycling and skateboarding.

Blazing trails in Inuvik

Boot Lake has a very nice boardwalk. 

However, it is close to being set on fire by vandals or careless travellers.

These fire pit remnants have been popping up lately, and firefighters fought a forest blaze there this weekend past 2am!

Bobbin’ robin

It’s springtime, the birds are back!