Ultramarathon runners: Incredible, but true!

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Here’s a story that is almost unbelievable: For the last four years an international contest has rather quietly been visiting the arctic circle.

The gruelling footrace is called the 6633 Ultra.  Runners from around the world, really the top elite of  what is called “extreme ultra-marathon running,” try to walk and run from Eagle Plains, Yukon to Tuktoyaktuk. This is a distance of 570 kilometres!

This happens in winter, and over a period of eight days.

My interviews with these racers have made the CBC’s national news, but I think this event should become better-known; at least as big of a deal as the Iditarod. National Geographic should be photographing this..or perhaps the BBC…

Here are a few of this year’s racers and support staff, enjoying a well-deserved break outside the Mackenzie Hotel.