Groceries in Inuvik: An average bill

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People often ask me about the price of groceries and food in Inuvik.

Therefore: I present my grocery bill from last Saturday!

I’ve highlighted fresh foods in green, and two items I found expensive in red.

Variety pack of Oatmeal: (big box): $8.10
Box of cereal (double size) cranberry almond crunch: $10.64 on sale.
Bag of medium-size oranges (4lbs) $4.99
Bag of potatoes (small ones) 2lbs $4.99
Dry crackers, Ryvita brand. (small box) $3.75
Mixed frozen vegetables, 1 large bag. $6.06
Sobe juice drink, 591ml, $2.99
Grapefruit $1.31
Fish burgers (mahi-mahi) 1.36kg $26.73
Cucumber (one, English cucumber, good size) $4.99
Fresh vegetables for salad (mix bag of broccoli and cauliflower) $7.69
Six bagels $4.60
Three peppers (red, yellow, orange) $5.99
Loaf of 12-grain bread, $6.55
2 litre carton of milk, $7.95
Iceberg lettuce (one head) $2.49
Frozen juice can (concentrated pink lemonade) $2.16
Jar of dill pickles, 1.5 litres $8.91
Plum sauce, 500ml, $5.05
White chocolate chips for baking, 225 grams, $5.57 
Raisin pie, pre-made in box, $5.31
Frozen orange juice concentrate, one can: $4.37
Vegetarian egg rolls, pack of many (1.3 kilograms) $14.59
One can of coconut juice, 520ml, $2.55