Hello everyone and welcome to my website.

I’m Philippe Morin, a former resident of Inuvik, NWT (I now reside in Whitehorse, Yukon.) 

I lived in Inuvik for about five years and all the while maintained this site as a hobby. The result is more than 1,300 posts showing life in the community.

Inuvik’s a wonderful place to visit or to live, and I enjoy sharing my photos with people around the world.

During these last few years, I’ve  received emails from Italy, Poland, Norway, Germany, England, Sweden, Mexico, the U.S (many states including Hawaii) and other regions.

I hope the site encourages a few people to visit Inuvik or seek jobs there. I think Inuvik is one of Canada’s most interesting places, and this website is intended as a positive guide.

Technical information:
Photos on this site are taken with a Nikon D90. I highly recommend this camera; it’s solid and takes great photos. (But if you can afford it, the D200 or higher takes incredibly good stuff, just look at Lee Thomas’ Dustysensor.ca.)

Other important accessories are the tripod and “soft box,” which covers your flash and diffuses the light.

Also important is a thermos of coffee for those winter photo walks.

Above: Bicycling around Inuvik, January 2012.  Photo taken on a tripod with timer.

Can I use a photo? What is creative commons?
You’ll notice on the lower-right that my photos are all liscenced as “creative commons.”

This is a type of copyright which is very flexible, and it basically means you’re free to take these photos and use them for personal use as long as you don’t make money from that use.

Many photos from this site have been used in school textbooks, government reports, school reports, science fairs, etc. I think the hospital and RCMP also email this blog link to potential nurses and officers, so give them an idea of the town.

It’s always nice to ask before publishing anything —-  but if you want to download one and use it as a desktop background, go ahead!