Here is a section of digitally ‘stitched’ photos, which create panoramic views.

I really enjoy this technique! It’s the same as overlapping printed shots to create a poster.

The program is called “Double Take,” and I highly recommend it.

The Blueberry Patch houses

Inuvik’s colourful row houses

Sunset from Navy Road, seen Sept. 4 at 11:30pm

Suburban-style houses in Inuvik, Sept. 14, 2008

Hidden Lake in the falltime

The whole town! (Look closely, you’ll see everything)

Row houses in Inuvik

Reading the maps at the Inuvik Ski Club (this one has changes in lighting on the left..)

The community’s ski trails double as walking trails in the summer.

Demolition Derby 2008

Back window view from Parkview apartments

A strange-perspective view from the steps of Parkview apartments.

Downtown Inuvik

Sunset seen from Navy Road, Sept. 4

Back of Samuel Hearne high school, soon to be replaced by a larger school

Front of Samuel Hearne school in Inuvik

The community of Tsiigehthic, which is one hour’s drive away and Inuvik’s closest neighbour.

The community greenhouse on Sept. 1, 2008


Utilidor going towards Mountainview apartments in the evening. I used to walk on this to return from the liquor store quickly.

A piece of the Boot Lake trails, from the ground to the sky

Another utilidor in the falltime